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    Founder of Better Business Better Life , In a Mission Now to Help Small & Medium Business Owners , Build Better Business Better life ,Building a healthy , Sustainable & Scalable business .

    About the speaker :

    Avik Sah Comes with an Extensive Journey of own four business venture , in different stage of career & life , which end up Surrendering to best of the best mentors as a re learning Journey , comes from a very humble business background based family & have witnessed various phases of business @ different stages of life beside a corporate journey contributing to different dynamics of business environment @various capacity more than a decade journey . Post graduate in Business Management & ICF accredited Coaching Professional .

    What this guide is all about?

    The right Team is just the start of building a Sustainable Business , there are Critical secrets which governs the entire play to increase team efficiency & to grow your business , so what are these secrets , lets go deep dive to Understand it in Specific every aspects of it .

    Learn how to Increase Team Efficiency & grow Sustainable Business . It includes Secret of fundamentals & result Driven Output to implement .Principles of Better Performance Management System & True Assets of TEAM , Hiring Principles and foundations to build better business better life building better business owner , better team , and healthy sustainable & scalable business .